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What You Need to Know to Plan a Debt Free Vacation Now

Sometimes, planning a trip you can truly afford, and ditching the debt, can seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. Check out these resources to help you plan for the right trip without the financial stress.

Most Canadians have money on their mind most of the time. There seem to be endless bills, interest rate hikes, loans and debt to repay, and growing family expenses. And while some people think you shouldn’t travel at all if you have debt or pressing expenses, others disagree. You and your family need to find your financial comfort zone when it comes to incurring vacation costs. Here are some useful blogs to help you reduce or avoid adding on to your debt while traveling:

Mapping Megan’s blog

If you have some debt and are wondering if you can make travel part of your summer plans this year, Mapping Megan’s blog on Tips for Traveling While in Debt can be quite helpful at finding creative ways to save money and stay on budget on a trip.

How to Save Money

This website covers the gamete with their article, 31 Money Apps, Products, and Tools You Should Be Using to save money. The apps and products are great for everyday life and tracking your spending, savings, and bill payments. But they’re also great for planning your vacation. You can use them to save, budget during your trip, and even look for deals on gas, hotels, insurance, flights and other accommodations. Sometimes, avoiding consumer debt is as much about research as it is about action.


If you’re thinking of traveling in Europe, Slice has an article for you. This article covers some basic strategies like packing a daily bag to avoid food and water expenses–which can easily save you hundreds while traveling–all the way to specific tips like what months are cheapest and when to book full tours to save tons on packages.

Practical Money Skills

Travel budgeting is made easier with this Travel Budget Tool by your side. Their online worksheet is a great way to start tallying your potential costs ahead of time, but it also serves as a reminder about costs you might overlook in the early stages of planning, like luggage fees, rental fees, insurance, costs of passports, and even pet (or child) care while you’re away.

Wise Bread

This blog talks about 6 Ways to Avoid Vacation Debt. If you’re planning in advance, you should have time to use some of these tips, like a targeted spending freeze, or a side hustle to help make a bit of travel cash.

If you’re looking for ways to balance summer fun with financial security, you’ve already taken the first and very important step in your planning. Summer vacations don’t have to include debt. Find some creative ways to cut costs ahead of time, research savings, and reduce spending on the go so that you can achieve your summer travel goals.

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